In the first part of the “Sound and Culture” workshop, we will discuss cultural significance of urban sounds and experience the urban fabric of Karaköy area by soundwalk. In the second part, there will be a subsequent free improvisational jam session which will be guided via skype connection by improvisational musician and sound artist Zsolt Söres (Franz Liszt Music Academy, Budapest). In the jam session, improvisational compositions will be produced with the sounds collected from Istanbul, Konya and Adıyaman by Hakan Çetinyılmaz (voice), Yılmaz Tümözen (piano), Can Tatlıparmak (trumpet), Onur Narin (guitar), Hakan Yasun, Zehra Wellmann (soundscapes) and interested musicians. We will conclude both the workshop and the exhibition while enjoying the compositions.

Workshop organizators:

  • Zehra Wellmann (TANDEM “Local Heroes” EU-cooperation project)
  • Hakan Çetinyılmaz (TANDEM “Local Heroes” EU-cooperation project)
  • Pınar Çevikayak Yelmi (Koç University, Design, Technology, Society Department)

Date & Time: 23 July 2016 Saturday, 12:00-18:00

Location: Studio-X Istanbul

Language of the workshop: Turkish

For more information: