“EKO-ÉCHO İstanbul-Paris: Cities, Sounds and Stories” Exhibition, designed by Assist. Prof. Pınar Yelmi (Işık University Visual Communication Design Department), Charlotte Roux (one of Radio France’s sound directors), Assoc. Prof. Sertaç Kakı (ITU Music Technologies Department), publisher Antoine Auger and voice documentary designer Anne Kropotkine, will be exhibited at Galeri Işık Teşvikiye between September 20th and October 12th, 2019 as a part of parallel events of the 16th Istanbul Biennial.

The exhibition intends to strengthen cultural ties between Türkiye and France and to highlight the rich history dating back to the 16th century of the two countries. From this point of view, it draws attention to the common and unique daily lives of Istanbul and Paris through auditory experiences by blending the urban sounds with the memories of Turkish and French citizens in their own languages. Designed to highlight the richness of the sound heritage and to provide a realistic experience, this 360-degree auditory journey is presented in three sections: starting with the installation of similar urban sounds, continuing with the section where unique sounds of the cities are experienced separately. In the last area, there is an interactive installation where memories are collected from visitors.

This exhibition, realized with the support of the Istanbul French Institute, is of great importance for visitors to gain consciousness about sonic values and to understand the importance of their relation with cultural memory. The exhibition is also expected to be displayed in Paris in 2020.